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Experience the Power of Esoteric Acupuncture and Vibrational Waves of Sound Alchemy

The purpose of the Bliss Out 2.0 events are to provide a safe and sacred healing space for a group of people to experience the power of Esoteric Encoding Patterns with sound and other healing modalities. The vision is to assist the overall vibration and chi levels of all those that come and that vibrational encoding to have a positive effect on their everyday lives. The intention is to bring this powerful, unique new age form of healing to not just the Sunshine Coast but around Australia and overseas.


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You will receive one of the five Encoding Patterns while various talented sound alchemists take you on a sound journey. The Special Guests are: Mago Menla and Dubarray.

Over the 90min or so you will be taken on a journey through these powerful healing and transformational disciplines.

If it’s not the Esoteric Encodings that you are not blissing out to, it’s the Sound Scape that gets you blissed out. The two potent healing modalities together are powerful allies and time and time again over the 50+ events over the past years we are blessed with stories of incredible shifts in people’s lives from these events.


Sound is vibration and when it is applied to water through the science of cymatics. It also produces geometric shapes like those observed in Dr. Emoto’s research or in sacred geometry.

Sound and vibration are powerful tools for deep healing and restoring the body back into a healthy harmonic state of vibration on a physical, emotional and energetic level. The Sound Journey induces deep and meditative states of consciousness. There is evidence dating back to Ancient Egypt of sound therapy for healing and healers since from all over the world have used sound and vibration to trigger a natural healing process in their patients.


Esoteric means something that is not readily known. The word ‘acus’ is a Latin word meaning ‘needle’ or ‘obelisk’. In esoteric teaching ‘obelisk’ could mean temple whilst ‘puncture’ means to pierce. Therefore, we are piercing your ‘temple’ (your physical body) to activate a spiritual journey that may assist a person in finding knowledge and wisdom found from within. There is nothing outside ourselves that we need to heal. We have the ability to change and transform ourselves.


Esoteric Acupuncture was developed by Dr. Mikio Sankey, as a new age form of healing that blends Traditional Acupuncture, Sacred Geometry and the Hindu Chakra System with other ancient and esoteric healing systems. It can support and assist in strengthening one’s spiritual growth towards higher consciousness. The emphasis is on creating a resonance that can balance the subtle energy frequencies, enabling a spiritual awakening and centering of all levels of the heart.

“The focus of Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing is to balance our multiple finer frequency levels and to raise our consciousness, thus shifting our overall vibrational rate to a more harmonious positive frequency. This entails working on planes above the physical, etheric, astral and mental levels.

Esoteric Acupuncture involves working on and balancing the non-form or spirit state. Other modalities address only, or possibly the form first to later balance some levels of non-from” Dr. Mikio Sankey.


The Encoding Patterns work with the less solid more refined energetic bodies by balancing and harmonising the chakra system and promoting a connection to the (universe, god, higher self) for spiritual and physical healing.

They are a collection of special geometrical patterns and sequences of acupuncture points that trigger the opening of spin points. These are inter-dimensional openings through which sound-light vibrations from the higher dimensional network can enter into the physical body through the acupuncture points accelerating the spin of cell molecules.

Encoding patterns act like a digital lock, where sacred geometric shapes carrying unique energies provide access to more refined energies and shift blocks or imbalances within our energy system. Dysfunctional patterns can reap havoc in many aspects of our lives, whether that be in our relationships, career, finances, spiritual development etc. as well as creating stress and illness in our physical bodies. Through working with the Encoding Patterns and these refined energies one can assist healing on a profound level.

Option 1 – Ajna Activation (Vision and Awareness)

A powerful 3rd eye activation treatment consisting of five needles specifically placed on your forehead in a diamond shaped pyramid using five Esoteric Acupuncture points. Two triangles are formed creating a subtle spinning field radiating in a circular clockwise motion assisting in the opening of the third eye.

Option 2 -Bliss out

The Bliss Out pattern is a sequence of points created by Trent Banyan. The combination of these points has the ability to activate the feeling of being blissed out, calm and relaxed. These 6 points can support the transition from a busy, yang and always doing lifestyle into allowing the body to rest and relax.

Option 3 – Break Through

Break through a barrier/block holding you back in taking the next leap of faith via this Pattern of Truth pattern. This encoding pattern will install the frequencies of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Assisting you to connect to their inner power and find trust within yourself and in others. It will assist you in taking full responsibility for our lives and break through mental barriers that may be holding you back.

Option 4 – Detox and Relax

This is not an Esoteric Acupuncture pattern but one I have used for many years with great effect in rehabilitation settings. It consists of 5 points in the ears known as the NADA protocol, which has been shown in numerous clinical settings to be beneficial in the process of detoxification, reducing cravings and calming the nervous system.

Option 5 – Merkabah

The Merkabah Encoding Pattern once installed can act as a divine light vehicle (a spiritual space ship of sorts) enabling one to be transported from one dimension to another.

Bliss out sessions


$77 plus card fees

(to bank transfer please email


2 hours


Ensure you arrive on time (up to 15 mins before)

Flow of Session

10 minutes

Guided 10 min meditation and overview of the treatment options

90 minutes

Healing w/ live sound bath

20 minutes

Tea, cold drinks, cake and rest

NEW LOCATION – Eumundi School of Arts – 63 Memorial Drive, Eumundi

If you have any questions, please contact Trent

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Free Ebook | Limited Time

Pillars of Chi Flow

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the free ”Pillars of Chi Flow” E book and keep up to date with our events. Just add your details below to get instant access.