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Transformative experiences that will elevate your Chi (energy) levels through a connection to nature and holistic approach to wellness.

Upcoming: Palawan

Philippines, March 25th – 31st 2024

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Our program is crafted to bring about potent habitual changes that harmonize your body, mind, and soul, leaving you feeling revitalized, inspired and high on life.

Chi Quests were created by Trent Banyan after facilitating and co facilitating over a decade various global wellness retreats, Rites of Passages and conscious events. He curates the program during the Chi Quests around the Pillars of Chi Flow, a guide to identify where you are leaking and wasting your (chi) energy and identifying how and what you can do to cultivate and harness it.

Guided by Trent and his team of expert facilitators, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where you will gain a deep understanding of the inner mechanics of Chi and its transformative power.

Our Chi Quests take a holistic approach to wellness, where we infuse each experience with life-enhancing tools derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine & Qi Gong, educational workshops, connection with the culture of the land, relationship-building activities, and most of all, adventurous trips that will take you on a transformational journey.

We believe that adventure and fun are an integral part of wellness, and that is why our retreats include activities such as hiking, cacao and dance to help you connect with your body, mind, and spirit. Our adventures are not only fun, they also have many activities targeting your self care. They generally have a form of challenge in one way or another that helps to make them even more transformational as they assist you in breaking out of your comfort zone and discover new aspects of yourself.

Our Chi Quests are for anyone who is ready for a transformational boost, wants to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine & Qi Gong, is looking to connect with like-minded souls, needs to retreat and have everything taken care of for them. They also build self-awareness and support your body, mind and spirit.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and let us help you recharge, rejuvenate, help you feel high on chi and reconnect you to your true potential through the adventures of Chi Quests.

March 25th – 31st 2024

Wellness/Adventure retreat

An unforgettable experience that combines exploring the stunning natural beauty of Palawan Island with a transformative wellness program that will leave you feeling revitalized and enlivened.

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Palawan Island is a natural wonder that boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Our retreat is designed to help you explore this paradise while also providing a holistic approach to wellness. Our program is carefully crafted to bring about potent habitual changes that harmonize your body, mind, and soul, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and high on chi.

Our Palawan Chi Quest takes you on a journey of self-discovery through a range of activities that will connect you with the natural environment. We will explore the island and visit one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world in underground caves, taking in the breathtaking scenery and marveling at the wonders of nature. We will also snorkel in crystal clear waters, exploring the stunningly beautiful coral reefs and marine life that call Palawan home.

Our wellness program runs over the week and includes a range of activities designed to help you recharge, reinvigorate your spirit and reconnect with your body, mind, and soul. We will practice qi gong, yoga and meditation, engage in life-enhancing workshops based around Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Theory whilst exploring this stunningly beautiful island.

We understand that luxury and comfort are essential components of wellness, and that is why we have carefully chosen unique and luxurious accommodations that provide a peaceful retreat after a day of adventure. Our accommodations are eco-friendly, unique and blend seamlessly into the natural environment, ensuring that your stay is both comfortable and memorable.

Our Palawan Chi Quest Wellness/Adventure retreat is for anyone who wants to explore the natural beauty of Palawan Island, participate in a transformative wellness program, and connect with like-minded souls. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and let us help you unlock your true potential while experiencing the wonders of Palawan


Full Price – $3888

14 spots only
($1000 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking)

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from previous Chi Quest retreats

My retreat experience was awesome! I had no idea what to expect – but it was one of the best things I could have done for myself.


The best thing in the history of things I’ve done for myself EVER.

For me it really was the perfect balance of feeling I had time to relax, chill out and switch off by reading or walking or going in the spa, to connecting with others, connecting over meals, exercising, receiving treatments, have fun with dance and group chats around the circle plus Trent’s wisdom, it was all just perfect. It was nourishing both inside and out. I left feeling incredibly energised, feeling lighter and stronger in body, enlightened in mind and purer and more deeply loved at heart. I’ve managed to maintain that to some degree as I really believe that some of the teaching were instilled in me on a deep level of inner understanding.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I am honoured to have been on this journey with all of the beautiful humans who I shared this time with.
Karen Brown


Trent Banyan

Devoted Father, Mentor, Qualified Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practitioner, Esoteric Acupuncturist, Creator of The Pillars of Chi Flow and Light Warrior. 

Trent Banyan is the Owner/Director of High on Chi, Creator of The Pillars of Chi Flow, Creator of Chi Quest Wellness/Adventure retreats, Co-Founder of The Chi Hubs Noosa and Nambour as well as Director of the Body Transformation Institute. He is exceedingly sought after for his empowering mentoring sessions and multi-modality treatments which target the emotional and spiritual levels of healing. For over 9 years, hundreds of light workers and esoteric healers have been inspired to action and great success while experiencing the mindful expertise, expansion and transformational power of Trent’s retreats, conscious events, training and mentoring programs. 

A natural leader, lover of esoteric healing, yoga and mindfulness, he speaks with authority about chi in his personal and professional life. As creator of The Pillars of Chi Flow, Trent’s guide to rapidly accelerate the energy levels of key major health pillars, he has conducted 100’s of mentoring sessions for energy healers in private practice and in his Flow sessions – monthly group mentoring sessions.

Working in the private rehabilitation space provided Trent with incredible experience in supporting people to thrive through various challenges and concerns. He now focuses the day to day operations of the Body Transformation Institute, 1:1 Esoteric Acupuncture sessions, mentoring Holistic Health professionals and running Chi Quests Wellness/Adventure Retreats in Australia and various magical places around the world. 

Bree Naomee

Bree Naomee is the Owner/Creator of Yoga Alma (formerly known as Yoga Arenal Costa Rica). Her passion and expertise shine through her Yin/Yang Yoga Retreats and Trainings, Workshops and 1:1 Wellness Coaching/Treatment Sessions.

As a world renowned Teacher/Guide Bree has facilitated retreats around the globe including Bali, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and many on home soil in Australia. She is well known for her wealth of wisdom, compassionate heart, joyful spirit and creative flow of content to give her attendees an unforgettable and life changing experience.

Inspired by a Taoist way of life she lives and breathes her teachings and philosophy. Bree is passionate about embodiment and supporting others in optimising their health and wellbeing. Through the psycho-emotional aspect of TCM and The 5 Elemental Archetypes, Bree’s intention is to enhance and improve every relationship in life, she empowers people to access deeper layers of self and discover their true nature.

Over the last 15 years of travelling and living in different countries, studying various different alternative therapies, and working alongside sharmanic healers has allowed Bree to vastly expand her knowledge and connection to the divine. She has developed a love for natural medicine and evolved her mission for raising the vibration of human consciousness. She believes healing the world begins with oneself and there is nothing more powerful than that of your own personal transformation.

Are you ready to give your body a life changing transformation?

Together, we will create potent habitual change to harmonise and elevate and enliven your entire being. Join me in one of the upcoming Chi Quests.

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